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Happy Fall

Updated October 10, 2018- ****new teachers, *****new classes

Our goal at Xplore Paverpol is to get you started exploring a product that will take you on a creative journey no matter how artistic you are.  Take a day and allow us to guide you through a creative experience that will leave you amazed at your talents! 

Guess What!!!!

Remember last update when I say some of us were going to the Paverpol Master Class in Port Dover in September.  We went, learned tons of new things, met other Paverpol people but the absolute best news is that the Master class is coming to Saskatoon in 2020. Yes, I know - how exciting is that!  Fall 2020 will be the 25 anniversary for Jossy in Paverpol AND she will be here, with us to celebrate.  We have the chance to showcase Manitoba and Saskatchewan and our Paverpol to all of Canada.  How can you tell I am just a 'little' excited?  When Jossy is here the classes are open to all not just Paverpol teacher.  You will here more about this as it gets closer.
  • Interested in becoming a Certified Paverpol  Instructor?  Find information on the Instructor Information page.

Xplore Paverpol is the distributor for Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  We focus on providing; fun and interesting classes, Certified Paverpol Intructor training, and a complete range of Paverpol products.  We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Browse our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.   We hope to see you soon.

Mother and Child

This is an Introductory level sculpture.


Loretta is the Distributor for Paverpol in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  She is a Certified Paverpol Instructor and all round Paverpol Enthusiast!

Shelf  Sitter

A short class in a color of your choice.