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My Story

Loving every minute of the journey

What is Paverpol?

It is a liquid fabric hardener.

When applied to natural fibres, Paverpol hardens and cures to withstand being outdoors year -round.

Back to Teaching!

I love teaching Paverpol classes. Just like watching the light go on with students, the sheer amazement at what people create in my classes feeds an inner part of me that only a teacher knows.

Sharing the Fun : )

I am the Paverpol Regional Distributor for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Paverpol is well established around the world and across Canada.  It is still relatively new in the prairies.  Paverpol is sold exclusively through Certified Paverpol Instructors (CPI).

I provide the training required to become an instructor.  Then assist the new CPI to set up their own business and experience the joy of helping others to play with their inner artist.

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