Xplore Paverpol

You 'can' create a unique sculpture

Our Story

Loving every minute of the journey

An Idea is Born ~

In 2008 I retired from a career in education that took me around some southern Saskatchewan towns and eventually to Saskatoon.  I had seen Paverpol sculptures before but had no time.  This was my opportunity. 
There was a small ad in a local paper to take a class from Brenda Topley.  I took one class in 2010, then another, then another.  I was making a Blue Heron when Brenda said "Why don't you teach this in Saskatoon?"

Back to Teaching!

I love teaching Paverpol classes.  Just like watching the light go on with students, the sheer amazement at what people create in my classes feeds an inner part of me that only a teacher knows.

Sharing the Fun : )

Now that I have been given the opportunity to be the Paverpol Distributor for Saskatchwan and Manitoba, I can train other Paverpol Enthusiasts to become instructors, set up their own business and experience the joy of helping others to play with their inner artist.